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  DMU Group West Midlands                   Based at Bewdley station on the Severn Valley Railway  

Welcome to the web site of the voluntary group that operates the diesel multiple units along
the Severn Valley Railway through the lovely English countryside of Shropshire and Worcestershire.



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02 December 2016




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Website Updated:- 2nd December

Homepage Updated and Photo Charter page created.


The Small but Important Print:


The DMU Group are pleased to announce a Evening Photography

shoot in conjunction with 30742 Charters at Bewdley in February 2017.


More details can be found by clicking here


All Proceeds gained (after the SVR fee) will be used for the upkeep of our fleet.

    Website Views Since 20th July 2016

The Old engine ex 52064 is removed from under the car, with Rob and Neil Supervising the removal whilst Ben and Steve watch on.

52064 Engine Change

The Refurbished Engine is slowly moved back underneath 52064 by Jeff on the JCB whilst Neil, Rob and Ben make sure all items are clear from the underframe.


Our Thanks must go to Jeff for his help and the Diesel Depot group for the opportunity to use the facilities.

52064 leads the newly reformed formation away from Sterns at Haye Bridge.

Image Courtesy of Malcolm Ranieri