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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles



The DMU Group strive to ensure the five railcar vehicles in their possession are always kept in top class condition. We differ from many other groups on the railway by owning and operating a complete working train instead of being responsible only for a locomotive or a passenger carrying carriage.

The responsibilities are therefore much broader in scope concerning a complex mechanical and electrical set of coaches. There is also the internal and external appearance of the units to be kept in good order. This is in addition to supplying staff to operate the coaching stock (including buffet and dining facilities). There is also the behind the scenes paperwork to manage as well as looking after our
Do not worry if you are unable to offer practical help as even the income from your membership subscription helps the cause. You are still welcome.
However, if you do want to offer some of your spare time to help maintain and operate the diesel multiple units on the Severn Valley Railway, then even better. Why not consider volunteering, join in with the group’s activities and importantly enjoy yourself at the same time. The work is very rewarding, no experience being required and a high standard of training can be given where required. A warm welcome awaits.

Tasks can be wide and varied and there is usually something that needs doing that suits every ones ability. Assistance in any form is always welcomed. It is important to recognise that a professional railway background is not necessary to get involved.

With enough commitment to the group, and subject to passing the necessary examinations, did you know it is possible to eventually qualify to drive the diesel multiple units?
UK regulations require intended persons who volunteer to work with the DMU Group to have attended an elementary level of railway safety type of induction course. For insurance purposes working volunteers should also be members of the Severn Valley Railway Company Limited.
Donations to help keep the DMU running in passenger service on the Severn Valley Railway are always welcome. Operating & maintenance costs can be significant.
Download a copy of the membership application form (319 kb pdf format), complete the details and
send it through the postal system to the address shown on the form. Click here

The application form also appears within the
Evening Scenic Land Cruise leaflet. The leaflet is normally available from all SVR station booking offices and at good information points away from the railway. Copies are also kept on board the train when it is in public service.
Please note membership application is subject to acceptance by the Group and that rules and conditions do apply.

To become a DMU Group working member it is necessary to also become a member of the Severn Valley Railway Company Limited for insurance purposes

The membership rates are set out in the table below and are Renewable annually.


Ordinary £ 9.00  Ordinary + Partner  £ 12.00          

Junior (14-18 yrs)  £ 6.50


Student (Full time education)  £ 7.50  

Senior Citizen  £ 6.50     Senior + Partner  £ 6.50


                             Family (“ adults + 2 Children)  £ 20.00   


                            Life Member  £55.00     Life + Partner  £ 77.00

How to Join the DMU Group West Midlands

Photo: M Raineri

Photo: M Raineri