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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles



DMU Group West Midlands Photo Charters

(In Conjuction with 30742 Charters)

On Friday 24th Feburary the DMU Group undertook its first night photography shoot at Bewdley as a fundraiser to raise money for the upkeep of our five Class 108 vehicles


The Idea was the brainchild of our webmaster Mark Miller who is an avid photographer in his spare time, with the help of Martin Creese at 30742 we decided upon a night shoot at Bewdley Station where the units are kept

Around 15 photographers attended the shoot and along with help from Professional Photographer Jack Boskett who brought along some re-enactors we set about creating some shots around the north end of the station.


The shoot was a great success and our thanks go to Martin Creese, Jamie Green, Jack Boskett and all Members involved.


Charter 1: Feburary 2017

Charter 2: September 2017

Friday 29th September saw the second DMU Group photo charter this time at Arley station.


The Planning for the shoot was again organised by Mark Miller with the help of Martin Creese & Matt Fielding.


We had planned to use the 3 car unit for the shoot however faults on 52064 & 51941 prevented this from happening.


The 2 Car unit 56208 & 50933 substituted.

We left Bewdley slightly later than planned at 19:00 due to a bridge strike near Bridgnorth causing the late passage of a charter back to Kidderminster.


On arrival at Arley we posed the unit on both platforms and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Our Thanks go to David Skitt, Martin Creese, Matt Fielding, Jack Boskett, Jack Knight, Rob Tait and All the DMU Group Members involved.

Photo: M Miller

Photo: M Miller