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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles



Train Consist.

A total of five cars are operated by the Group. This situation allows us to be very flexible in providing the optimum number of cars to suit varying traffic requirements and also offer bespoke charter trains.

We typically provide a train made up of the full five cars and this is a usual consist for the Evening Scenic Land Cruise trains that run on selected Saturdays during the summer.

Alternatively, and for other services, shorter three car or two car combinations can be used, whilst just occasionally a four car unit has been seen in service.

A three car unit typically includes our main bar facility, called 'The Travelling Tavern', situated within the centre car.

 A Two car set normally comprises a saloon car   and a brake car, which also has accommodation   for wheel chair users, this configuration also   includes a small bar area.


Additional information

1. Please note that for operational reasons there may be occasions where the train formation differs from that shown.

2. On board the train passengers are normally able to walk through to the other rail vehicle(s) only within the 3 or 2 car set the are travelling in.

3. When the DMU is running as a 5 car unit passengers can only get to or from the 3 car unit to the 2 car section or vice versa by leaving the train when it has stopped at a station. This action is not recommended as there is a risk that you could miss the train and be left stranded on the platform. It is best to decide where to sit on the train before the journey commences.







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Three Car Unit

Two Car Unit

Photo: M Raineri

Photo: M Raineri